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Ontario, Canada
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I love writing and always carry a notepad and my phone with me.

Ever since I was young I scribbled poetry, short stories, and letters.


I have 2 grown boys, a husband, two Bernese Mountain dogs, and a fuzzy orange cat. I love kayaking and watching sunsets at the beach.


My two passions are writing and teaching. I teach at a community college. Writing is my hobby. My head is always in a

dream world and writing down my crazy thoughts comes naturally.


 "Trouble at Tarpon Springs," is a mystery about the lengths a mobster named Joey would go to keep his lady Amilios.  Is she willing to live with eyes on her 24/7? An Electric Eclectic book.  

"The Naïve Princess," is an all ages story that follows Beatrice, a naive young lady who escapes her Northern England castle and flees to Liverpool.  She realizes the life she led was a lie. Will she ever trust those around her again? Another great Electric Eclectic Book.

"Crystal River," is another Electric Eclectic Book. This story is set in beautiful Crystal River Florida.  A Mom and her two boys kayak along the lazy river and come upon a waterfall.  They step through into a magical world of fairies, mermaids, manatees and Bearlies.  How will they ever get home?


“Way Beyond Innocence,” is an erotic romance novel. Its’ sequel, “A Daydream in Paradise,” is set to be released soon. Both are collections of interconnected short stories that follow Sarah and her friends.  

Some of my poetry has been published in

online magazines and many short stories are

published in anthologies with other talented authors. 


Keep your eyes open for new publications coming


My Electric Eclectic Books

A Path of Life

Trouble at Tarpon Springs

Crystal River



Read my short story in each of these Anthologies

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For any inquiries please contact:

Instagram: virgo.dragon

Instagram: charlotte.a.keith

Facebook: @ca.keithwebstories 

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