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How did this all begin?

Posted on 12 October, 2016 at 0:15 Comments comments (1)

My passions: teaching, my family, and writing. I have been writing since I was in highschool. I love writing and enjoy scribbling my thoughts on paper. Sometimes words become sentences, which become paragraphs, which turn into a story, which I guess now, is a bunch of stories that became a novel.

I loved reading romance magazines when I was a teenager. I thought, one day I'm going to write my own novel. When my first child was born deaf, I self-published a children's fingerspelling colouring book. It was a lot of work, but fun. It helped my family and friends learn a little bit of American Sign Language and I felt accomplished.

As we know, life happens, time passes by quickly. I started teaching. I teach nutrition and physiology at a community college. When I stand in front of a new bunch of students, I feel excited to share what I know and mold their minds. Teaching, for me, isn't reading to them, it is like performing a play; show them, let them feel it, taste it, become it, until they get it. I love it!

So I'm sitting at my patio, and I start writing again. Not my school class notes, but my scribbled stories. My minds eye is flirty and naughty and I started writing my romance stories once again. One story became two, which became twenty. Some stories of old, were rewritten. Friends came to me and said "Charlotte, you should write a story about a sexy guy in a cowboy hat and a back road," thus "Deserted on River Road" was created. One friend wanted to see a story about a guy in an elevator. As I am sat in front of the computer with just one thought, a story evolves. I don't know how its going to end, but it just becomes.

One day I decided, I need to publish this. So that's what I did. I wrote this book for those who love fantasy, playful fun, and erotic romance. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I loved writing it! Remember to keep dreaming. Let your dreams and fantasies come true. Never give up on your passion it could inspire others to do the same.

The Hysterical Woman

Posted on 11 October, 2016 at 22:20 Comments comments (0)

It was a cool fall night and the full moon apparent.

The hysterical woman rushed through the streets.

Her breath tainted with alcohol. Her eyes were empty and her ears did not hear.

She felt empty, alone, incoherent.

The hysterical woman was lost.

Before her was a man.

He took the woman’s hand. He placed her hand on his bare breast.

He was looking beyond her pain. His lips met hers.

She was hungry. She feasted like a frenzied wolf.

The warmth of his arms is what she needed.

The night quickly turned into morning.

The woman lie sprawled across the dusty floor.

For the first time in quite a while, she felt at peace.

The woman smiled and bid him good bye.

In her heart he’ll always be..

Where is summer going?

Posted on 3 August, 2016 at 9:25 Comments comments (0)

Wow!  Where is the summer going?  July was a busy sunny month.  The weather has been beautiful and hot. I'm not complaining when winter is so long, cold and snowy.  I'm excited about the upcoming months.

The second book from "Way Beyond Innocence" is in editing stage.  It will be available here and on Amazon Kindle as electronic download in the fall.  

Two of my poems were used in CQ magazine, an online magazine through for August issue. Check it out.

 I have been writing a lot lately. I am writing other genres of short stories and books. That is exciting and fun.  

Hope you keep checking in for new and exciting news.. have a great day ! Charlotte

Wow what a journey!

Posted on 15 June, 2016 at 18:55 Comments comments (0)

Wow!  Where has the time flown.  It just seems like I finished writing "Way Beyond Innocence" and now I am in the editing stage of Book 2: "A Daydream in Paradise"             Set in Hawaii, Sarah continues her sexy daydreams. If you loved Book One; you will love book two.  The books that I have been selling have been going fast. Book two will be available by E-file. Soon you will be able to pre-order your copies. The E-book will be available in July 2016.    

What else have I been doing?  I have been writing a few children's books. Stay tuned for more information. I love writing.  When some very close friends of mine said their children wrote a little story for me;  I decided I needed to broaden my writing horizons and write books for children too. I will be releasing a poetry book soon too through Kindle Amazon. Please stay tuned for details, or email [email protected] for more details.
Have a great day.