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Way Beyond Innocence Soft cover novel


Erotic romance novel

adult content; 18+ only

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New up and coming author Charlotte Keith explores erotic fantasy and romantic fiction.



Sarah 28, is a bartender in the wine region of Niagara. She meets many people, sometimes strangers, which allow her to explore her sexuality and hear about others as well. This graphic erotic collection of short stories follows Sarah’s fantasies that allow her to realize her true sexual prowess and passion.


Sarah found herself daydreaming all the time. Bleep, the sound of her phone startled her. She reached over to see the message.

“Come over around seven, back door,” Dave text.


She sent him a quick text back, “Can I bring something?” “Red wine and a red tie?” he text.


She was dizzy, head whirled when she thought about his passionate kisses. Dave would kiss softly. He would gently stroke the side of her face and draw her in. His fingers twirled her soft hair. In between random chatter she would gently kiss his neck and breathe in his ear. Sarah’s breath made him quiver….


He untied his red necktie and said, “Give me your hands.” He tied her wrists behind her back.

“Is this OK?” he said and she just nodded and smiled.


“On your knees,” he directed.

Sarah was a sucker for red ties and knew today was going to be a great day.

copyright 2016

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